CareerView Partners

Alongside the satisfaction of knowing they’re improving future outcomes for students and job seekers of all backgrounds and education levels, our partners earn many benefits for helping make CareerViewXR experiences possible.

Depending on the partnership level, you get:

  • Exposure to tens of thousands of students and job seekers in the Upper Midwest
  • Full-length CareerViewXR experience
    • Onsite video interviews
    • 360 degree virtual tour
    • Copywriting and promotion
  • Company-branded landing page including detailed career profile
  • Detailed Career Profile
  • Links to your website, social media, or other online resources

See what several leading companies, educators and trade union members have to say about partnering with CareerViewXR.

Production Partners​

At CareerViewXR, we help communities attract and retain residents by developing interactive extended reality experiences that help people make more informed decisions about where they want to live, work, and play.

Our Production Partners play a critical role in ensuring our experiences are funded in rural and urban areas across the country where they will have the most positive impact. Production Sponsors provide us with the highest level of support for CareerViewXR experiences and truly make the greatest impact in rural and small communities.

Production Partners for CareerViewXR are typically:

  • Economic development organizations
  • Area chambers of commerce
  • Companies and organizations with a large footprint across a specific area
  • State and county development boards

One of the primary reasons CareerViewXR exists is to showcase careers in rural and small towns that need help recruiting people to live and work in their communities. Being a Production Partner shows the world you’re invested in keeping small-town America alive and thriving.

Key benefits to being a CareerViewXR Production Partner:

  • You get to host geographic areas they deem in the most need of help recruiting employees and increasing community populations.
  • You help decide which careers and companies are showcased with full CareerViewXR experiences.

Supporting Partners​

Companies of all sizes and industries spend a lot of money recruiting the right employees for their businesses. In fact, the cost of onboarding staff is one of the most expensive costs accrued by businesses, so getting the right employees in the right seats is incredibly important.

CareerViewXR assists employers in helping students and job seekers determine if careers in particular fields will be a good, long-term fit for individuals, therefore, reducing employee turnover and onboarding costs.

Our Supporting Partners are made up of businesses and organizations that help fund ongoing access to CareerViewXR experiences and profiles for a statewide and regional audience.

Any business looking to educate students and job seekers about a high-demand career in their industry. Most of our Production Partners are involved in the trades, but we have also created unique experiences for companies with strong office and remote-work cultures.

  • Industry associations
  • Trade unions
  • Construction and manufacturing companies
  • Engineers, mechanics, plumbers, energy suppliers
  • Health care organizations
  • Law enforcement and emergency services
  • Nonprofits

You can showcase in-demand careers in your trade or business using the latest in virtual reality technology.

  • You support small towns and rural communities that rely on trade jobs to survive and thrive.

You ensure there is a future for your trade and business where it matters most—right where you live and work.

Education Partners​

With CareerViewXR, educators are taking students places they never thought possible. From the top of a wind turbine to the inside of a police squad car, CareerViewXR brings job tours to the classroom with high-interaction, engaging experiences for all grades and learning styles.

Our Education Partners help make CareerViewXR experiences possible by supporting the development of job tours using available grants and other funding resources within their communities.

  • Rural and urban school districts
  • Colleges and universities
  • Registered Apprentice Programs
  • Companies with paid training programs

Education Partners are fundamental to the success and growth of CareerView because they help identify high-demand careers that don’t always require 4-year college degrees. Other benefits:

  • You support early exposure to a variety of career options for students who might not otherwise have access to what’s truly available to them.
  • You have the recognition of being associated with high-quality, high-tech CareerViewXR experiences that are changing the way students and job seekers explore career options.
  • The recruitment opportunity is unlike any other. You have a captive audience of tens of thousands of individuals who are just one click away from exploring your educational programs.
  • You ensure there is a future for your trade and business where it matters most—right where you live and work.

Become a CareerView Partner at Any Level

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